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Sonja's accumulating projects

I absolutely love our magnificent planet. Privately and professionally I do what I can to contribute to its wellbeing. That’s why I started Sonja’s accumulating projects. It’s my way of creating a better world, through projects. For me a better world is a place where every living thing on our planet is seen as valuable and has a place.

Starting from the inherent relationship between the land and the people, I initiate and facilitate projects that contribute to the big challenges we face today. Challenges like climate change, nature decline and growing human inequality. I always join forces with other passionate people who also love dedicating their skills and time to creating a better world. We need each other to succeed! Let me tell you about my ambitions and feel free to get in touch.


The land matters

The land matters because it sustains all living beings. We are part of the land. I feel the connection in every cell of my body (of which 90% is water). So the land is life. That is why we, in return, must protect and sustain the land and it’s ecosystem.

Projects I’m involved in concern rewilding, regenerative agriculture and building CO2-neutral homes. My Tiny House project in the village where I live will rewild two acres of farmland with space for a few people to live. Follow what’s happening with all my projects and contribute if you can.

The people matter

The people matter because we possess the ability and power to influence our environment. Being a key stone species gives us responsibilities and as a happy human we long to make a meaningful contribution. It’s all about the relationship, with each other and with the land.

It is also the people factor that brings ultimate success to projects. That is why I apply and research it, publish and teach about it. It’s a message I want to share, connecting the people through science. So revisit my website regularly to find out what’s new.


My accumulating projects

I’m very excited about the projects and people that cross my path, the invitations I receive to contribute and the topics I feel compelled to contribute to.

This page is where you will find all the stories and news items I want to share with you about my accumulating projects. About the inspiring people I meet, starting new endeavours, progression in ongoing projects and other developments that trigger my enthusiasm. So come back from time to time, to find out for yourself what’s happening and where you might want to connect.

23 September 2023

New project: EU Grass Ceiling

Grass Ceiling is a project funded by the European Union in which female innovators are working together on innovations for rural areas and the agricultural sector. In the Netherlands Grass Ceiling is a project started...

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13 April 2023

Nieuw project: LEADER-aanvraag de Brabantse Peel

LEADER is een Europees subsidieprogramma om de leefbaarheid en economie op het platteland te ontwikkelen en versterken. De nieuwe subsidieperiode van LEADER loopt van 2023 tot 2027 en er is ruimte voor extra gebieden in...

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14 January 2023

Oogst van lisdodde in Helmond

In samenwerking met Waterschap Aa en Maas heb ik de afgelopen weken een bijeenkomst mogen organiseren om de kansen van natte teelten voor de Peel in de toepassing in de bouw te verkennen. Een drukke...

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8 January 2023

Start volgend onderzoek

Na bijna twee jaar non-stop werk aan mijn literatuur studie, wat onderdeel is van mijn promotieonderzoek aan de Vrije Universiteit, ga ik deze maand eindelijk (weer) starten met mijn eerste empirische studie. Volgende week ben...

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23 December 2022

All the best for 2023

I love the last few weeks of the year for its obvious opportunity to be together with family and friends, and share stories and good food. It also marks the winter solstice and the slow...

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1 December 2022

Landdrift website gaat live!

Ik werk al enkele jaren aan een concept voor functie-combinaties in het buitengebied. Iets waar ik hartstochtelijk in geloof en mijn hele leven voor om ga gooien. Nadat ik een half jaar geleden  een locatie...

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